Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ballet flats haul: DSW, Wanted Shoes

Hiiiii! So I recently bought a few pairs of flats. I tend to only wear these types of shoes because they are easy to slip on and also easy to pair with outfits!

Here are the three pairs that I purchased:

 Black suede flats from DSW - $29.95
These flats are the most comfortable pair of flats that I own at the moment. 
The suede material is super soft!
They are just plain black and are just a classic pair of flats that can be paired with pretty much anything!

I think these flats could dress up any outfit and they are super pretty =)

Black flats from Wanted Shoes - $40
These flats can be quite casual but can also dress up an outfit. I really like the silver detailing with the buckle but I am having trouble breaking these in...
Hopefully a few more wears and they'll be fine =)

So those are all the shoes I bought. I hope this was somewhat interesting =)

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  1. ur new shoes are lovely!
    thanks for being my follower :) followed u now..
    have a nice day ^_^