Saturday, April 27, 2013

Collective haul: Valleygirl, Temt, Forever New, Sportsgirl, Ebay

Hi again =)
Today I have another haul and this one is really exciting because I found some really good deals! =) 

All of these things were bought over several shopping trips and nearly all of them were on sale hehe

So during Easter, Parramatta Westfield was having a one day Easter Sale. I was really excited for this event because I went to a similar one last year and I found so many nice things. This time round I only bought two items; it was super crowded and the staff weren't too friendly in most of the stores I went to so I didn't really bother much.
Nonetheless I really like the two items that I bought because they were both items that I have been looking for for a while! =)

The first place I went to was Valleygirl where they were having a 30% off storewide sale. I ended up trying on around 10 items but I only ended up buying one thing just because the other items didn't really flatter me. I got this parka for only $13.97 which is crazyyyyyy! (RRP $29.95 then reduced to $19.95) I've been looking for a parka for the longest time but they are so expensive at most stores! They also had this in a red colour and another in a gray colour (which I totally regret not getting!) I walked back in a few hours later and all of the green ones were gone (there were like 10 when I bought mine...)

Okay so the next store I bought something from was Temt which I believe is the same company as Valleygirl. They pretty much had the exact same shirt at Valleygirl but there were spikes on the collar as opposed to these gold tips. I have been looking for a chambray top for the longest time I kid you not and I've seen these for like $50+! I got this one for $17.47 (RRP $24.99) so yay =) (Oh and they were having a 30% off sale too!)

So that's all from the one day Easter sale.

The next store that I bought a few things from is probably no surprise to you all...Forever New! lol
So I was eyeing a few things from Forever New, especially things from their sale section so when I saw that they were having a "take a further 30% off sale items" I kind of went crazy. They had most of the things I wanted on their website but I usually like to buy things in-store just so that I can try them on and decide if I really want them. The problem with doing that is that sometimes it's hard to track down the items that you are after in stores. I ended up visiting 4 different Forever New stores a few times and this is what I ended up buying xD

Firstly, I got this pink peplum top. It's called the Lia Peplum Metallic Top and I remember wanting it when it first came out but it was $59.99 ><
Luckily I was able to get it for $20.97 in the sales =)
(I style this top in my last post, click here to see my outfit!)

On a separate trip I bought this pink spiked beanie called the Vivien Studded Beanie. The RRP was $24.95 and I managed to get it for $9.07 =)

I also randomly saw this keyring/key chain thing which I thought was cute so...I bought it hehe. It was $3.47 (RRP $7.99)

They were also having a "take a further 50% off all sale jewellery" so I bought the prettiest bow earrings called the Ingrid Bow Stud for $4 (RRP $12.99 then reduced to $7.95)

I also bought these rose gold studs to match my watch hehe
They are called the Lana Stone Feature Stud and were only $2.47! (RRP $9.99 then reduced to $4.95)

Sticking to accessories, I bought three scarves at Sportsgirl. I actually bought all three scarves in one shopping trip and I'm pretty sure the lady thought I was crazy because the weather was quite warm that day. She was like "Are you preparing for Winter" and I was like "...Yea....................."
Anyways, Sportsgirl was still having their "take a further 30% off sale items" so I got a pretty good deal on these =)
These scarves are really light weight; they are light enough to wear in Spring but they do keep you warm enough so that you can still wear them in Winter.

The first scarf I bought was this blue-y white pink-y scarf for $10.47 (reduced from $14.95)
(I think all the scarfs were RRP $29.95)

The second scarf is a pink/green/blue floral scarf; I thought that this scarf was really nice and was an easy to incorporate the colour of the year, green, into my wardrobe hehe
This was also $10.47 (reduced from $14.95)

The last scarf that I bought is actually a skull scarf with random writing all over it. It goes from a purple colour and takes on an ombre effect into a yellow colour. I don't actually like skulls but when you wear it you can't see them and it was only $6.97 (reduced from $9.95) so I was like why not xD

So now the last item that I bought is actually an online purchase from Ebay. Since it's Autumn/Fall now, I thought that a burgundy skirt would look really nice with tights and boots so I decided to buy an inexpensive one from Ebay =) This skirt was $5.99 including shipping and it's a chiffon fabric. The front and back look exactly the same and it has an elastic waist band so it's kind of a one size fits all. Pretty good quality for the price =)

Okay so those are all the things that I bought. It seems like I rambled for a bit oops.. but I hope this was an interesting read and maybe you found some nice items from the sales? hehe
(I like watching/reading hauls so I hope you do too =))


  1. parka! chambray top! skirt! you should take me shopping again hahahaha <3

    1. hehe =)
      yeaaaa let's go on another adventure =)