Saturday, May 25, 2013

Winter boots haul: Winterworth, Zara, Wanted Shoes

The weather in Sydney has really started to drop in temperature lately and I've already found myself reaching for my Winter coats! The rain has really started to hit us here but of course today, the day I'm stuck inside, the sun has decided to come out and greet me through my window. Nonetheless, I thought it was appropriate to stock up on some boots to prepare me for the coming Winter season =)
(or maybe that was just an excuse to buy some boots xD)

In the past few weeks I bought a few pairs of boots so I thought I would show you guys in case you were looking for some nice boots hehe:
The first pair of boots I got are some Ugg boots which my mum bought for me from a warehouse sale for $60 (RRP around $120ish)

They are just long plain light brown ugg boots =)
(this pic below shows its true colour)

These boots are from an Australia company called Winterworth.

They are so comfy and warm and cosy and fluffy! =)

The next pair of boots I got are from Zara and they were $89.95 (full price):

They are a dark brown, chocolate colour and the tag said it was made from "genuine leather", I'm not sure about that though. The outside of the boots feel like a rough suede material.

One thing I must say though is that these shoes are really warm and fuzzy! They aren't as heavy duty as the ugg boots shown previously but they are still generously warm. I also like how when they are worn they just look like regular brown boots and that you can't see the fur from the outside.
One thing I should mention about these boots are that they are not water friendly so I wouldn't suggest wearing them in the rain. Despite protecting my feet from cold winds, when I wore these boots yesterday in the heavy rain, I noticed that the parts of the boots that got wet slightly darkened in colour. The material also hardened. You can't really tell unless you are close up but I just thought that it was worth mentioning.
(The pics above show the boots in their brand new condition, before the rain attacked them.)

Last but not least I bought these black ankle booties from Wanted Shoes and they were only $30! (RRP $59.95)
(The brand is called "Jolie".)
(And yes, I am really excited about the price of these boots!)

These boots have pretty much become my everyday shoes because they're so comfortable and easy to walk in! They are made of a nice suede material and pretty much match any outfit!

The only bad thing about these boots is that when you walk on a tiled floor, the bottom of these boots actually leave a black marking/stain on the tile. So if you stole a cookie from the cookie jar in the kitchen, they'll know it was you!! (unless you remove the stain, which you can =))
(I have also noticed this from another pair of boots I bought a while back but there's no way to check if the colour rubs off when you're at the store buying the shoe...or is there? You tell me.)
However, if you just wear these boots outdoors you shouldn't have a problem with them =)

So those are the boots that I've bought so far =)
Also, if you're in the South Hemisphere right now remember to stay warm!
Sorry about the short post but perhaps I'll blog about something more interesting very soon! =)


  1. i want all of the boots! haha

  2. Love those shoes! It's way too hot where I live to have the fuzzyness on the inside but they look stunning! The chocolate ones are my favourite :)

  3. Ooft! Mijelo, those black boots are exactly what I wanted to replace my favourite pair. And the price is ridiculous. I knew they had sales going on, but they're not as low. Where did you go, m'dear?

    1. Hi!
      I got them from Wanted Shoes!
      Yes I know, sales are crazy everywhere atm!!
      Go to Westfield this weekend and you'll find some good deals =)