Sunday, June 09, 2013

My favourite Winter coats/jackets in my wardrobe

Hi! Today I will be sharing my favourite pieces that I currently own in my wardrobe for the season of Winter!
I love my warm jackets and coats and I hope you do too =)
(Disclaimer: I say the word "definitely" a lot...)

 1. Juicy Couture Limited Edition Velour Hoodie
(similar here)

This is my first and only Juicy Couture hoodie which I got last year during Black Friday when they brought out a limited edition collection. It was only $50 which is an extremely low price for a Juicy Couture hoodie! Although the shipping was $35, I don't regret purchasing it. The hoodie is extremely soft and warm and is easy to pair with other pieces from my wardrobe. It looks great with jeans and boots =)

2. Forever new Billie Fur Lined Sweat
 (similar here)
This was my very first clothing purchase from Forever New that I bought last year and it is definitely one of my favourites. I bought it during a 20% off promotion for around $65. The inside of the hoodie is so soft! It is lined with fur and is super warm! I sometimes feel like a marshmallow wearing it haha ^^
3. Faux Leather Jacket (bought from a store in Taiwan called "Diva")
 (similar here)
I got this jacket a few years ago when I went to Taiwan. It was around $70 which I thought was a reasonable price. Leather jackets pretty much go with anything and also make you look slimmer. They are also a classic piece so they won't go out of style. In the Winter season they also help shield you against the wind =)

4. Cooper St Navajo Pea Coat
(found on random website here)
(similar here)
I managed to get this coat from the Wardrobe Sydney during one of their warehouse sales for only $50. Despite not having my size, this coat was too cute to pass up. Since the hoodie is detachable, you can essentially create two different looks with it. It's quite thick in material so it definitely keeps me warm during the cooler months. =)

5. Forever new - Mirabelle Faux Fur Stole Coat
(available here)
So if you read my last post, this coat may look familiar =)
This coat looks so luxurious and classy and the photos definitely don't do it justice! The quality is really nice and it's really flattering unlike some other coats I've tried which have just swallowed me up. I managed to get this coat during the 20% off storewide sale at forever new making it $103.99. This is honestly the most expensive item in my closet (even more than both my formal dresses put together!) but definitely worth an investment as I know it will last me years =)

So those are my favourite Winter pieces that I currently own =)
Also, I think I said in my last post that I didn't like fur....*looks at above images*
I must have been mistaken.

Anyways, I'll be disappearing for a month while my exams eat me up. 
Take care everyone =)


  1. forever new marshmallow hoodie twinsies! hehe x

  2. juicy couture hoodie is amazing (:

    1. yes!
      if only they had a store in Australia!

  3. This is my first and only Juicy Couture hoodie which I got last year ...