Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Maggie, the author of it's happy days. I am a science student from Sydney, Australia and started this blog at the beginning of 2013.

This blog was inspired by my 2013 new year's resolution which was simply to be happy.  I created this blog to be one of my happy places. it's happy days is a place that I can write and post about miscellaneous fun little things and share them with anyone and everyone.

I strive for this blog to be informative, helpful, inspiring, interesting and fun. My posts include hauls, reviews, DIYs and organisation tips just to name a few. I hope you enjoy my posts and thank you for stopping by! =)

As a disclaimer, all products that I showcase on my blog have been purchased with my own money or have been gifted to me from friends and family. In the instance where a company has given me a product to review, I will clearly state it in the blogpost accordingly. =)

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