Monday, January 07, 2013

Denim haul: Jay Jays, Zara

Hi there =)
So I'm sure many of you guys know about the crazy post-Christmas sales...

I know some people hate going shopping after Christmas but it is honestly worth it (in my opinion) because you save so much money! (Yes, I'm quite the stingy one...)
I managed to purchase 3 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shorts over 3 shopping trips:

Left: Neon coral skinny jeans from Jay Jays - $10
Middle: Dark washed skinny jeans from Jay Jays - $10
Right: Dark washed skinny jeans from Zara - $35.95
Both of these shorts are from Jay Jays and were only $10 each!

Although I'm super happy with my purchases, if you are planning on shopping at this time of year, beware of the crazy crowds (and I mean crazyyyyyy) and long queues.
You have been warned!

People were honestly snatching things at Jay joke; I was reaching for a pair of shorts and some rand snatches it ==''

As for Zara, I waited around 30 minutes in line at the change room...
 (People really take their time in there and there were only 4 change rooms on the bottom floor!)

None the less all worth it! =)

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