Friday, January 11, 2013

New camera! Nikon Coolpix L310!

Hi there =) So as you can probably already guess by the title...I got a new camera!
I present to you my Nikon Coolpix L310!

Honestly, this was kind of an impulse buy...
On Monday I saw that Big W was having a sale on this camera for only $94! (RRP: $194)
You have to admit that it looks a lot more than $94 right?
The sale didn't start until January 10 so I had time to research and look at the reviews on the camera and I was pleasantly suprised at how many people loved the camera. 
So then I decided that I would have to own one myself! ><

I bought the camera yesterday and had to visit 2 stores because it was sold out at the first!
It's on sale until January 16 so you can still get yours! Officeworks is also selling it for $94!

The camera looks like a DSLR but it is actually a bridge camera. Now I don't want to get all technical about this and look like I know what I'm talking about because I don't know an awful lot about cameras is basically a camera that's in between a compact camera (point and shoot) and a DSLR.

This camera has amazing zoom: 21x!
I've been playing around with it and so far I like =)

However, this is what the camera looked like when I bought it...

 So it comes in this crappy plastic type casing which I don't understand...
It took me at least 10 minutes trying to open it and was not a pleasant experience ><
I have never seen a camera come with this type of packaging but I guess for $94 I can't really complain...(although a box would have been more environmentally friendly and more convenient!!!)

Anyways, expect some pretty pictures in the future and say goodbye to iphone quality photos!
hehehehehe ^^

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