Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food adventures at Max Brenner

I'm so sorry that I have been super MIA lately!
I honestly just had a really busy week and then I randomly got sick =(

Anyways, I'm feeling a lot better now and hopefully I'll recover soon!

So two weeks ago, me and my friends went to Max Brenner which is a chocolate cafe. Despite its popularity, this was my first time going there.

Here is what we (my friends) ordered:

Chocolate Dip $8.50
Dip fresh strawberries in pure melted chocolate

Chocolate Fondue for two $19
Pure melted milk and dark chocolate served with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and banana bread
(Pic stolen from Dinah & Daisy, go check out her blog!)

Tutti-frutti Waffle $18.50
Warm Belgium waffles drizzled with pure melted chocolate, served with ice cream, fresh strawberries and bananas

Banana Praline Crepes $15.50
Two crepes filled with bananas and rich hazelnut praline, drizzled with pure melted chocolate, served with ice cream 

Hot Chocolate $5.50
(Sorry about the blurry pic!)

(Writing about this is seriously making me hungry)

Hm so I can't exactly review any of the food because I didn't actually try any of it...==''

You guys are probably thinking that I'm the strangest person out there, I mean now looking back at it I am wondering how I resisted any of these chocolate plates of deliciousness haha

But hopefully this post was somewhat interesting/helpful to anyone that wants to try the food at Max Brenner and was wondering what the food looked like/whatnot

So that is all I have to say for now...Sorry about the short post >< but...please look forward to my next post which will be a review about an online store! =)

Bye bye...


  1. OMG how could u didn't eat any of them... they look super yummmyyyy

    1. LOL hahaha yea I have no idea how I managed to do that haha ><

  2. How did you manage not to eat any?! My mouth is definitely watering >_<. I hope you recover soon!

    1. Haha I know...I must be strange haha
      and thanks!! =)

  3. i'm hungry now......... ❤

  4. All the chocolates stuffs seems tempting!!! arghhh! :p