Saturday, May 11, 2013

How I Organise My Scarves

So if you have seen my last few hauls you may have noticed that I like scarves =)
I think that scarves just make your outfit look so much more interesting, yet at the same time they are so effortless!

I have accumulated quite a few scarves and I figured that I needed a better system than just throwing them into a box. I used to roll them neatly and organise them in a giant box but I would just end up throwing them back into the box and the box wouldn't close...

Recently, I watched Carly Cristman's closet tour (link here in case you are interested) and she organised her scarves on a towel rack. It looked really neat and easy to access so I thought I would copy her hehe...

I found this over-the-door hook at the dollar store and it was only $4!

Then off I went to hang my scarves =)
How neat does this look?
Even though there are only five hooks on this rack, you can actually loop more scarves between each hook where there's a gap, to create more space!
(Again, this idea was stolen off Carly)

Now I can fit a total of nine scarves on this rack/hook thingo =)
(And yes, that is a wannabe Burberry scarf. I bought it when I was 12 years old- the word Burberry was non-existent in my vocabulary at the time.)

I do have a few more scarves but I did not hang my more heavier knitted scarves as they would take up too much space and I think the hooks could potentially damage/stretch more delicate scarves.

Also, if you have a more extensive scarf collection, I would suggest buying a hook that can store more scarves or alternatively, you can switch out your scarves seasonally!

Anyways I hope this post was helpful to someone out there and I have more Winter-y posts and hauls coming up! =)


  1. I love the turquoise one (with the hearts)!

    I don't actually have enough scarves to warrant a scarf organizer XD. I only have about 3, I used to have 4 but one of them broke (it was $1).

    1. Lol haha
      You can actually use the organiser to hang other things like bags and coats! =)