Friday, September 27, 2013

Collective Haul: Dotti, Trade Secret, Valleygirl, Sportsgirl, Quirky Circus, Zara

Hi! I'm back with another haul...this time a collective haul =)

Firstly, I wanted to share my purchases from Trade Secret. If you're not familiar with this store, it's basically a store that sells a lot of branded goods for a much lower price. The store itself reminds me of Kmart/Target due to their red and white logo and brightly lit store BUT it is 100x better! They sell clothing, accessories, beauty items (like OPI nail polish!) home goods and branded handbags including Micheal Kors and Versace!
Anyways, you may have seen this picture floating on my instagram here but I thought that I would give the details in this post.

Black blouse from Milk and Honey - $16.95 (RRP $109)
Printed tee from Guess - $19.95 (RRP $39.95)
New balance sportsbra - $14.95 (RRP $24.95)
Love belt - $12.95 (RRP $24.95)

As you can see from the prices, they sell their items at a much lower price so I was really happy with my purchases =) You may not be able to find the two shirts in stores anymore since I bought those a while ago but the sportsbra and love belt might be there. Though, the stuff at Trade Secret tends to sell out pretty fast!

The next few items are from Dotti. I don't usually purchase a ton of stuff from Dotti because they do seem to be more on the pricey side compared to stores like Valleygirl...BUT I discovered their sale/outlet section and just went a little crazy and now I am kind of obsessed with this store. Btw, these are somewhat recent purchases so you should be able to find them in stores if you are interested!
Peter pan collar top - $9.95
Pastel jeans - $15 each
Striped crop top - $9.95
Belts - $2 each

Last but not least is a miscellaneous assortment of pieces from some of my favourite stores. These pieces are all very Spring-est =)
 Pink striped shirt from Zara - $14.95
Blue and black sweater from Sportsgirl - $29.95 (This is the same one as the one from my Spring wishlist here but in a different colour)
Skirt from Quirky Circus purchased from Myer - $10
Floral jeans from Valleygirl - $19.95

And that concludes my collective haul. Did you guys notice that I didn't take a separate photo for each piece- do you guys prefer it this way or would you prefer individual pics? Individual pics seem to take an extremely long time so I feel like this way I would be able to post my hauls on time instead of months later so that the pieces would still be available.

Anyways, I have been trying to cut down on my shopping, especially for clothes but I have now moved on to accessories and shoes ahh...someone help really is a problem.



  1. You found the floral jeans! Niiice. i want your closet btw. :P

    1. Yep! =)
      And now I'm struggling to find what to pair them with xD
      Hehe I wouldn't mind having yours either! =)

  2. The peter pan collar top is darling! I love anything with that type of collar!