Thursday, September 19, 2013

Forever New Haul

Hi! Today I'm finally posting my Forever New haul which I mentioned some time ago. It's not a very big haul but none the less, here is everything I purchased:

This haul is actually from a while ago, maybe around June-ish? ><

Anyways, the first item I got is definitely my favourite! I was seriously eying this bag for the longest time and desperately waiting for it to go on sale...which it did after a month or so! The bag is called the "Ava Grace Small Bag") and I got it for $34? (RRP $49.99) I love how you can wear it two ways, either holding the top handle or as a cross-body. The strap is also detachable and despite the chain detailing the bag is not heavy at all! =)

The next few items are all earrings.
I honestly can't remember the prices of these but the first pair were around $10 and the rest were less than $5 =)

Last but not least is this lace tank top. I love the blush colour and the scallop detailing on the hem. This top is called the "Emmaline lace front swing tank" and was $17.50 (RRP $39.99).

I am definitely trying to shop less these days as I have way too much stuff in my closet. Ironically, I have another haul coming up but after that...hopefully I can control myself. I pretty much have all my summer clothes that I need (although I am after a white pair of shorts + maybe some converse...and shoes) so um...good luck to me =)


  1. good luck to both of us. oh dear. i like the third pair of earrings!

    1. yep good luck! haha
      they may or may not be sold out, not sure if that's good or bad? xD

  2. Love the bag! I too love bags that give you the option of wearing over your shoulders or to have it on the crook of your arm. The lace top is super adorable as well!

    Haha, good luck with that! I always say it but it never works out for me XD

    1. Hehe thanks!
      Yea I hard to resist....haha ><

  3. Everything is so pretty! I especially love those neon pink earrings :)