Friday, September 06, 2013

Wishlist: Spring fashion

Happy Spring everyone! (I'm a tad late but nonetheless...)
I can't believe it's finally Spring here in Sydney and it actually feels like it. The weather has been so nice lately which has been a pleasant surprise.
Today I wanted to share my Spring wishlist in celebration of the new season =)

1. Quirky Circus - Girly lace skirt (link here)
2. Ally - Chiffon back blazer (link here)
3. Clear clutch- ebay/etsy should have some
4. Converse - Chuck Taylor All Start Low in white (link here)
5. Forever New - Charlie Floral Sunglasses (link here)
6. T By Bettina Liano - Shadow floral skirt (link here)
7. Forever New - Lena lace overlayed shorts (link here)
8. Sportsgirl - Zip back pullover (link here)
9. Zara - Mini skort (link here)

Unfornately the sweater (8) is "no longer available" in my size and I haven't been able to find the shorts (7) in stores in my size either! (and I've been to 4 stores already...and it's part of their new collection...and they're not even cheap!) =(

Nonetheless, who actually gets everything on their wishlist anyway? haha

What's on your current wishlist? I'd love to know!

I hope you are all having a lovely day. Hopefully I'll have some more posts up soon!


  1. omg everyone has that skort! hahha it's so pretty though :) (also, want.)

    i also love the white shorts and the white chucks. all of the chucks! <3

    i really want to buy something pastel-y for spring. either jeans or a top or something. I don't really know haha.

    1. Lol yea! Everyone has it haha
      Yes I want the shorts so badly...and the converse haha
      Mhm pastel jeans! But they might be hard to pair so maybe a pastel floral top hehe =)

  2. Yay for spring! And yes, along with everyone else, I desperately crave those white Converse.
    It's so practical, classic and just fresh. Definitely a trend I love! x