Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wishlist: Boots, shoes, sandals

Christmas is next month and instead of studying for my exams, I have been browsing chunky boots, oxfords and sandals =P

Someone once told me, "You can tell everything about a girl just by looking at their shoes." Is this why girls are so obsessed with shoes?

Anyways, I have been browsing Ebay so much lately - they have so much stuff! I have never bought shoes from Ebay though so I can't comment on any experience. However, some of the shoes are also available from more reputable websites (although, more expensive) which I will link below. Here are a few pairs of shoes that I have had my eyes on:

1. Black lace-up ankle boots from Romwe (link here)
2. Black buckle ankle boots from Chicwish (link here)
3. Floral print lace-up flats from Oasap (link here)
4. Brown/apricot oxfords similar from Romwe (link here)
5. Gladiator sandals
6. Platform sandals

I really want (1) and (6) and (2) the most!

(I don't want to link to possible dodgy ebay sellers which is why I haven't linked where I found these on ebay.)

What's on your current wishlist/ what do you want for Christmas?? =)


  1. #3 is so cute! hahaha i can picture you in them ;) but i can see you in #1 as well, lol. <3

    1. Lol yeaaa but the problem with #3 is that I have no idea what to pair them with!
      I may or may not have bought #1 =P

  2. 4 and 6 are gorgeous!!