Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Birkenhead Point Review/Haul/Adventure

Hello! =)
I cannot believe that it's already November, Christmas is next month!
However in the mean time, it's exam month =(

Today I will be reviewing an outlet shopping centre called Birkenhead Point as well as  sharing a few pieces that I purchased while I was there last month. 

Here is what the inside of the shopping centre looks like:

Birkenhead Point is located in Drummoyne and it's right next to the water so this is what you may see on the way there:
(Photo taken from my instagram from a previous trip)

I've been there a few times before but it is quite far from where I live so I don't go there too often. It's a 10 minute bus ride from Town Hall station and there are a lot of buses you can catch to get there so it's not too bad!

When you get off the bus, this is what you'll see (if you are coming from the city):
Yep, two Shell petrol stations on opposite sides of the road which I found funny/interesting yet smart.

You'll need to walk for maybe 5 or so minutes until you reach the entrance. Pretty much cross those traffic lights that you see in the pic above, keep walking straight then turn right then walk then turn left then go straight then on your left you'll see this:

So here is a mini review on a few of the stores:

Forever New
Forever New is the main reason I go to Birkenhead Point but their outlet store here is kind of a hit or a miss. The store is pretty small and it's in quite a hidden location. They carry a lot of the old season stock which is nice as sometimes I come across things that I didn't get a chance to see at my local store. They also have samples and some faulty items that they sell for a cheaper price. I haven't had much luck at this store though as I've never managed to buy a piece of clothing from this outlet store. However, I feel like they have quite a nice range of accessories.

As for the pricing, sometimes the prices will be the same as regular stores although other times they do have sales. Last month they were having 50% off all accessories and some items were being further reduced by 50%.

The only thing I bought were these adorable bow earrings from the Orelia collection. They are sooo cute hehe

City Beach
I don't usually shop at City Beach but this store in particular is quite big. They have an extensive selection of clothing, swimwear, shoes and accessories for both guys and girls. I think that the entire store is made up of their sale section from their website. If you're not familiar with City Beach, they have a section for girls, boys, men and women. One thing I want to point out is that the girls and women section wasn't really sorted out distinctly.

Side story: There was a wall of shorts that consisted of both girls and womens shorts which I did not know at the time. I found these cute white scalloped shorts which I found in a size 10, 12 and 14 so I was pretty bummed that they didn't have my size (I'm usually a size 6-8). Nonetheless I still wanted to try them on and when I did, the size 10 fit me perfectly. Then I saw a tiny tag that said KIDS.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that a lot of the clothes don't have any tags on it which can be annoying, especially if you are looking for the price. Also, if you see an item that isn't on sale then don't be afraid to ask for the price at the counter because the chances are it probably is on sale but it hasn't been tagged.

I ended up buying the white scalloped shorts and a wine coloured skater skirt. The quality of the skirt is really nice but I would recommend going up a size as they are quite short. They also had a lot of other colours as well.

Mooloola Sally Scalloped Short - $15 (photo taken from my instagram here)

Cotton On
I think the store with the best deals would have the be Cotton On. Every time I go to Birkenhead Point I always manage to find something from Cotton On. The prices start at $1 for accessories and clothes start at $2! (from what I've seen)

The store is really big but the only thing I don't like is that there are only two change rooms with mirrors, although there are these other kind of temporary change rooms with curtains, no mirrors though. They also carry have kids clothes, shoes and bras/underwear.

I managed to buy this cardigan for $10! The material is pretty nice however I haven't put it in the wash yet so I'm not sure how it's going to hold up. It also came in a few other colours.

Cotton On Body
The Cotton On Body store is a separate store from the normal Cotton On store although they are relatively close to each other. Last month when I was there, Cotton On Body had a "nothing over $10" sale where all the bras were $5 and they had PJs for $10. I'm not sure if they still have the sale on atm but it is definitely worth checking out. The bras are pretty good quality in my opinion and they have a decent and extensive range. They also had bralettes, underwear and lounge wear.

I managed to buy 2 strapless bras for $5 each which is such a good deal as strapless bras are usually around $30 each. They were also having a deal where you could buy these fuzzy socks for $2 with any purchase and of course I could not resist. They're so soft, they're pink and they have pom poms on them haha.

Pom Pom Bed Sock - $2

In all honesty, if you have a local Valleygirl near you I wouldn't bother going into this one. The Valleygirl at  Birkenhead Point is not an outlet store (unfortunately). Although, the clothing at Valleygirl is pretty affordable clothing to begin with so I guess it's not too bad. However, I feel like they usually don't have many small sizes in the sale section.

David Jones Warehouse
This place is literally a mess. I really wouldn't bother unless you can really be bothered going through everything. They have racks and racks of clothes but the way that they have been organised just looks unappealing. The shoes are sectioned out by size but a lot of them aren't placed back in the correct spots and I feel like the quality of the shoes weren't that great. They also have a lot of handbags and I think there were some appliances and home-related things. I didn't notice any particularly good deals here but then again I didn't really look at everything.

Oroton is a pretty well known Australian brand and I think that if you really like their products then definitely check this place out. Last month they were offering 70% off RRP, storewide which is pretty insane. However, I still found the products to be quite pricey...but hey, I'm a student so $30 for a keyring is expensive to me.

The Jeanswest here was quite cheap actually. They had jeans for $10 and a bunch of clothes that were really afforable. However, they only had the large sizes left. ><

The Kookai store is pretty small. The prices are quite good though, especially compared to the normal stores. They do have a section of "samples" which were considerably cheaper - around the $15-$20 mark. Most of the other clothes that weren't samples were around $35-$50 from what I saw. If you like shopping at Kookai I think you would like their store here.

The Mimco stores carries all of their sale items so if you're after something from the sale section of their website then this is the place to be. They carry a lot of shoes, jewellery and accessories.

I didn't find the Bonds store to be that great. The bras were still $50+. They also had socks and underwear for both men and women but overall I found it to be quite pricey. Although, last month when I was there they were having a 40% off storewide so the prices weren't too bad.

So that concludes the end of my review, let me know if this was helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask my in the comments section below.

I also just wanted to say that these were all my own opinions on each store so of course feel free to check out any store that you would like! =)

Also, sorry that I haven't posted in a while ><
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  1. don't forget the best place ever aka the NIKE STORE!!!!! i spent so much money in there last time i went. Oooops. With you on forever new, though! It's either really good or really bad. Oh well. Also the homeware stores have ridiculously cheap bedding. I like, :)

    1. Oh, I've never actually been in there! It looks pretty big though. I shall check it out the next time I go! I went to a few homeware stores and the bedding was like $200+, well at least the one opposite Bonds. You need to take me next time, I am probably walking into wrong stores lol ><

  2. The white skirt looks adorable.

    1. Thanks, they're actually shorts though haha =)

  3. Amazing post! So great:)

  4. i haven't been to birkenhead point in YEARS! thanks for reminding me to take a trip there for the cotton on outlet! i too always manage to buy something at cotton on ;) x

    1. Lol no worries =P
      Yep, it's so cheap + awesome =)

  5. cute skirts :)

  6. Nice review
    and lovely pics.
    Love the bow earrings
    and skater skirt.

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