Thursday, February 21, 2013

February haul: Sportsgirl, Love Couture, Daiso, Jay Jays

Hi! So this month I bought a few things that I thought I would share with you. I know that the month of February isn't quite over yet but I picked up some really good deals over the past few weeks so I thought I would share them with you guys before they're over!

Okay, so here is an overview of all the items:

So let's start of with Daiso. For those of you who don't know, Daiso is a dollar store in Japan. They have Daiso in many countries all over the world but the Daiso in Australia sells everything for $2.80 each. They have pretty much everything from stationery to house goods to makeup etc!

So let's move on to what I bought!

Left: Oil/blotting paper- These are really good especially for the Summer and for those who have oily skin. One pack comes with 250 sheets which will last quite a while so I thought that these were a good deal =)

Right: Pink Polka Dot Insoles - I bought these to put into my flats so that they would be more comfortable!

 I also picked up this Floral Lint Brush. It comes with a mirror inside (although I don't know why you would need a mirror inside a lint brush?)

Then at Love Couture, they were having a massive sale. For those of you who don't know, they sell things like bags, shoes, wallets, jewellery, hair accessories etc.  
Everything was $5 and under...storewide which is c-r-a-z-y. They had decent clutches and bags and shoes! So cheap...

I didn't actually buy much (surprisingly). I think I was too overwhelmed with how cheap everything was and there were just so many things to look at >< (if that makes sense...)

Here is what I got though!:

Left: Black stockings - only $2!
Right: 2 pairs of ankle socks - only $2 as well! So that's only $1 per pair =)

Bow iPhone Case - $5
So pretty!! ... and cheap!!

This is what it looks like on the phone:
Sportsgirl was also having a sale - take a further a further 30% off all sale items!
So I picked up this orange peplum top for $20.96 (my first ever orange top as well as my first ever peplum top!)

Lastly, I managed to find another pair of jeans from Jay Jays. I was after a burgundy red colour but since they didn't have any left in my size I settled with a plain red pair!
They were only $10! =)

So that's everything that I got. Sorry for the lack of quality of these photos ><
I'm still trying to work out how to use my camera properly and trying to get good lighting!

I hope you all manage to find some good deals and enjoy the rest of your day/night!

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