Friday, February 15, 2013

Food adventures at Nandos and Meet Fresh

Hiiii! So the other day I ate at Nandos for the first time!
If you're not familiar with Nandos, it's basically a restaurant that specialises in Portuguese style flame/grilled chicken. It is known for its hot "peri peri" flavour (which I didn't try ><)

Cute napkin =)

I ordered the Classic Chicken Wrap! The lady then asked me how chilli I wanted it to be and I choose the "lemon and herb" which is the non-chilli option. They also had mild, hot and extra hot!
The presentation was quite nice =)

The description of the wrap: 
Marinated tenderloins, lettuce, tomato and light mayo in a warm tortilla

The wrap was quite nice but there wasn't enough sauce in the wrap. (Although there was peri peri sauce on the table...but I don't like chilli things ><)

However, I don't think that there was anything special about this wrap...It just tasted like a regular wrap (maybe that's why it's called a classic wrap)

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Next, I went to the Taiwanese dessert place called "Meet Fresh"

I ordered the Crushed Ice - Jelly Cake:

It was pretty much crushed ice with different types of jellies on top! There were pearls, fig jelly, red bean and some other jelly which I don't know the name of ><

This was shared between 2 people. The serving was quite big! It was really nice though! 
I recommend trying this dessert place if you haven't. The prices are quite reasonable and the servings are quite decent =)

Anyways, that is all for now. I literally feel so hungry writing about food...

Hopefully that was a somewhat interesting/helpful read!
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