Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hii! So I'm not sure if you have heard of the website but it is basically a wholesale website based in China that sells clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods etc for extremely low prices.

Now I'm not going to lie, the website has so many bad reviews...

However, the first time I ordered off Sammydress, I didn't actually look up any reviews before ordering (typical... ><). I was mostly drawn to their jewellery which they were selling for prices between $1-$5 with free shipping!

The first purchase I made was a rose-gold watch, which was part of their "weekly deals" . (Each week they have items on special/discounts)
Now, I have been on the hunt for a nice rose-gold watch and the Micheal Kors/Marc by Marc Jacobs watches are definitely out of my budget! ><
I've never really been a watch person so I didn't want to splurge on a watch in case I wouldn't wear it a lot!

Here is what the watch I bought from Sammydress looks like:
(Link here)

Here is what the watch looks like worn:
(bracelets are from Diva- they were $6 for a pack of 3 I think)
Now for only $5.48 USD, I must say that I am extremely impressed. I actually purchased this watch in August last year and none of the rhinestones have fallen off since then and it is still in mint condition after many wears! 

The only complaint I have is that the band is really stiff (but you get what you pay for I guess). I did have to get it resized due to my tiny wrists but other than that, all good!
It took around 4 weeks to arrive but shipping was free! =)

I highly recommend this watch and would give it a 8/10!

Now onto a more recent order: I put in another order on for a necklace and a ring.

I wanted to buy a multi-layered necklace to wear with plain shirts.
Here is the necklace that I bought:
(Link here)

This necklace features 6 individual chains with an assortment of heart charms. One of the charms is a heart locket which you can open and put in a picture/photo!

Initially, I was a little disappointed with this item because the colour of the necklace was very different to what it looked like on the website. On the website the necklace looked like a very nice and bright gold colour but when I received it, it was a very dull, brass-looking colour. The metal of the necklace also smells like money...I'm not kidding, it smells like silver coins...

However, for $4.11 USD with free shipping, I can't really complain. I do still like the design of the necklace and the way it looks but I will probably remove some of the chains so that it doesn't look too crazy. You can also rearrange the chains and charms and you can even create 6 individual necklaces out of it, or even make a bracelet or whatnot (for all you DIY-ers out there!)

For this necklace, I would rate it a 6/10!

Lastly, onto the ring.
One of the new trends I've been seeing lately is dainty rings and all of the rings that I own are more on the bigger side so I wanted to try out a smaller and more delicate ring. 

Here is the ring that I chose:
 (Link here

 This ring has a very thin band and features two musical notes on the front of the band. The musical notes also have rhinestones on them!

However, on the website the two different musical notes are not connected. In the reviews on the website some people also said that they were able to adjust the ring due to this feature.

Therefore I was a little disappointed when the ring arrived and was not adjustable as the two musical notes were connected. fits me perfectly on the second finger so I can't really complain haha!

It is also available in gold and is only $2.49 with free shipping!

Here is what the ring looks like when worn:

I highly recommend this ring and would give it a 8/10!

As with most trends, I like to try out something more affordable before I dive in a buy something more expensive. Actually in general I don't even buy expensive jewellery............

Anyways, as I was saying... is a great website with affordable jewellery so it's definitely worth checking out especially if you want to try something new without breaking the bank!

With this website, just remember that you have to be patient. Shipping will take a while but most of their jewellery is really affordable and has free shipping!
The jewellery comes in a padded enveloped that is very securely sealed with additional sticky tape.

Now this review only applies to the jewellery and watches. I cannot speak for the other items that they sell on the website such as the clothes and shoes (but maybe in the future if I purchase other items I will review them).

If you are skeptical about this website, I suggest that you only buy 1-2 things the first time just in case anything goes wrong. But as with online shopping in general, shop at your own risk!

Good luck and happy shopping =)

Disclaimer: All these items were purchased with my own money, I am not paid to make this post. These are just my honest opinions about the website and the items that I bought!


  1. Nice watch!

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  3. Can you please tell me how you took links out of the Geneva watch. I bought one too and it appears like there's no hole on one side of the link to remove them.

    1. Hi,
      I took it to my local watch store and they removed it for me. Hope that helps =)