Sunday, March 03, 2013

Food Adventures at Orto Trading Co.

So the other day I had brunch with my friends at Orto Trading Co. for the very first time. Orto is located in Surry Hills, not too far from Central station and serves brunch all day! (which was quite convenient as I am not a morning person) =)

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a display of plants and I immediately noticed the attention they put into their decor.

The interior of the restaurant was really nicely decorated. It wasn't anything over the top and gave the restaurant a very peaceful and friendly vibe =)

This was the view from our table. It seriously looks like something I would see on Pinterest...but it actually exists hehe
 (so pretty!!)

Quirky decoration outside the kitchen!

The table was decorated with these gorgeous flowers:

This is how the table was set:

So before I even took a bite into their food, I was very impressed by the details of their decor and just the overall environment of the restaurant (Y)

Now onto the food. Here is what we ordered:

I must say, the presentation of the food is very commendable. It looks so good! =)

The food from a different angle (Photo stolen from my friend xD):

More close up pics of the food:

Eggs Benedict with Berkshire Gypsy ham and hollandaise. 

Breaky Hotdog with chorizo, grilled mozzarella, chimmicurri and a fried egg.

Baked eggs with sobrasada, roast capsicum, fior de latte,
roasted tomatoes and sourdough.

Breakfast platter with soft-boiled egg, soldiers, muesli, baked ricotta and poached fruits.    $14

Orto’s house made waffles with pear, maple syrup, walnuts and spiced butter.
(Photo stolen from my friend ><)

Unfortunately, I can't give a review of all of the food we ordered because I didn't try all of them. I ordered the breakfast platter so I'll give you my thoughts on that =)

So when I first received my food, my first reaction was "omgsh why are there tomatoes?" lol. I kid you not, tomatoes are not my best friend...At the time, I tried to recall if the description had the word "tomato" in it, and turns out it didn't...><

My second reaction was "why is the yolk runny?" - I had obviously misread "soft-boiled egg" as "boiled egg" oops..=(
I really struggled trying to eat the egg not because I didn't like it but because it was just hard to eat (if you get what I mean)

I then tried the baked ricotta. I took one bite and my immediate reaction was 
"oh crap...Vegemite" 
Me + Vegemite = </3
...but I still managed to stay calm and ate both pieces of bake ricotta despite not liking it. ><

When that was done, I thought I had saved the best for last. Next up was the yogurt with muesli and fruits. I was very excited for this but...this was no fun =(
I didn't like the taste of the yogurt (it may have been organic yogurt?) and I wasn't too fond of the muesli. Now this is just my personal taste so I'm sure some others would disagree.

So, the verdict not get the breakfast platter if you do not like Vegemite or tomatoes or if the picture above does not appeal to you. This is a Vegetarian dish (I didn't realise at the time =(). There is nothing wrong with this dish, I'm sure there are many people out there that would die for this meal, this just wasn't for me.

I am not being a hater but I regret ordering the breakfast platter =(

However, according to my friends, their meals were really good so I would recommend trying one of the other dishes shown above. 

The menu does not have any images of the dishes so I hope this post helped anyone who wanted to try Orto but wasn't sure what type of food they served/what the food looked like.

What you see if what you get pretty much, so if you like what you see in any of the images then I recommend that you try it =)

I do think that this restaurant is a little on the expensive side though. As you can see in the images, the servings aren't that big but I think that this would be normal pricing for restaurants in Surry Hills, this is just my opinion.

As for the service, the staff was very friendly but nothing spectacular.

I can't give a rating for the restaurant as a whole because I feel like I would need to try more than one dish to give a reliable rating.

Anyways, that's all I have to say about Orto for now. If I ever go back, I'll definitely update you guys on my thoughts =)
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  1. The food looks amazing! I'm drooling just looking at the pictures, and those figs look so ripe (I love figs).

    1. hehehe =)
      thanks for stopping by at my blog =)

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