Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Food adventures at Takumi Sushi Train

So it's been a while since I've done a food adventures post (or any other blog post for that matter ><), so I thought I would do one today! I am definitely a sushi lover and last week I went to the Takumi Sushi Train which is located on the top floor of Market City in Sydney. Sushi trains can definitely get quite pricey but this sushi train was very reasonably priced; all the plates were $3 (with a few exceptions) or $2.50 for students!

Here are all the dishes I tried in no particular order:

1. Hamburg

2. Omlette

3. Tempura

4. Takoyaki

5. Inari sushi

6. Soft Shell Crab

 7. Okonomiyaki

8. Eel

9. Sweet chilli chicken

10. Agedashi tofu

11. Karaage

12. California

 All gone!

These 12 dishes were shared between two people. All of the dishes shown above were $3 each or $2.50 each with a student card. My favourites were the okonomiyaki, takoyaki, hamburg and inari! However I liked all of the dishes except for the eel...

If you're worried about the food not being fresh, you can actually order straight off a menu that you'll be given. The takoyaki, okonomiyaki, agedashi tofu, karaage and soft shell crab all had to be ordered as I didn't see them on the sushi train. If you would like to order those dishes I would suggest ordering them first as they do take some time to make.
I also want to mention that the service was pretty good. The staff were super friendly and there were 10 people working there!

Anyways, that's all for now, sorry for the MIA but hopefully more blogposts to come!

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  1. Ahh Japanese food is such a blessing. This looks like heaven! x

  2. Great post, and now I'm hungry as hell... :)


  3. these are some yummy dishes!